Blackmoor Species Care Guide


The Black Moor is known for it’s telescoping eyes. The largeness of these eyes are really an eye catcher when taking a glance at this goldfish species. In and around countries of Asia, they call this goldfish the “dragon eye” goldfish. With the Black Moor’s natural obscene physical traits, it makes for one of the most popular goldfish species for aquariums.

1. Goldfish are Messy

These fish have heavy eating habits and will eat all day long when given the opportunity. Plan on figuring out a good way to filter your water in as many ways a possible. I advise buying a Marineland filter. They have been around for ages and are cheaper than most competitors. They also have what is known as a “bio-wheel” that spins while water is flowing out of the filter. This wheel grows beneficial bacteria LIKE CRAZY! This is a good thing. I vote for these filters all day long! It’s the same filter as all the others on the market except it has a bio-wheel too. You need to let these wheels grow bacteria. They will literally look super dirty but work super effective! I can’t see how other people argue other filters are better… here is the medium size setup.


2. Environment Size

Goldfish have the highest death rate among all other aquarium fish. I believe the reason to that being the size of tanks people use. It’s very common for beginners to misjudge what size goldfish actually need. I do understand the fact that they call these bowls “goldfish bowls” but that’s very misleading. Considering a bowl is way to small for any species of fish.. there needs to be a tank setup at bare minimum. People hate hearing this.. but even a 10 gallon tank is too small. Absolutely too small, no way around it.

*Update: I’m not telling you to go buy a $700 aquarium… get on Craigslist and find a cheap used one! I’m getting lots of emails from people “I can’t afford a large aquarium”… I understand that. Go to your local Goodwill or garage sales there are tons of cheap deals out there on tanks!

3. Food and Nutrition

It’s common for people to think that they can just feed their goldfish flake food every single day. Some variety is needed when it comes to food. Would you like to eat the same food every single day?? NOPE. Goldfish are omnivores so change it up once and a while. Here is a super good brand

Omega One Goldfish Flakes, 5.3 oz.
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Price: $11.90
Price Disclaimer


4. Water Temperature

The convenient thing about goldfish is the ease of water temperature. Most popular aquarium fish are tropical and the water needs to be heated with a heater. It’s not a huge annoyance to have a heater but its just something else to add to your long list agenda. Goldfish do not need heaters and its awesome. Room temperature for your water is totally fine. Goldfish are very adaptable and can live in water all the way down to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence the name “cold water fish.” That’s what makes them a popular fish to keep in ponds.

5. Lifespan

Guess what? The average goldfish dies in less than 6 months of its owner having it. That’s a crazy thing to fathom. Proper care is the main reason these poor goldfish are dying. First, the owner puts the fish in a small bowl and then doesn’t change the water daily and… the fish dies of lack of oxygen. Lets take this fish care serious today. Back on topic here, goldfish can easily live for up to 10 years long and I’ve personally seen it over and over. They are close cousins to the carp fish and carp also live long lives of 10+ years.

6. Feeding Tendencies

There fish will eat until they have made themselves sick. They are searching for food every second of the day they aren’t sleeping. Mix that with a feeding competition level if you have more than one goldfish. Compare it to living in a  large family. When dinner is served, you have to fend for yourself and eat crazy fast or you will go hungry. Goldfish feed the same exact way all the time. Be aware of this and try to keep an eye on the portions they are consuming so they don’t overdue it. However much food they can consume in 3 minutes is a good portion. Opinions differ on how much or how often to feed them.. I personally feed my fish once a day. Remember this saying “a hungry fish is a healthy fish!”

7. Very Slow Swimmers

The Black Moor is one of the slowest swimming goldfish species due to it’s obscene physical characteristics. Because of it being a slower swimmer, it’s owner must account for this when it comes to feeding time.

If you have other goldfish in the same tank as this slower swimmer, the fast swimmers will eat most of the food. This is why other fish and tank mates for the Black Moor must be within the same swimming speed range as the Black Moor. The best tank mates for the blackmoor are other slow swimming goldfish like the Ryukin and almost any fancy goldfish.

8. Dangers of Decor

As you can see, the Black Moor has some pretty different physical characteristics and it’s pet owner needs to account for this when it is swimming around all day and night in its aquarium.

The Black Moor has telescope eyes and they can easily be hit on things due to their swimming nature. If you have seen them swim, they almost do a “wiggle” through the water. Not the slimmest and most agile creature of the aquarium community but they work with what they have. Real pieces of actual aquarium driftwood are better than sharper plastic décor.

9. Poor Eye-Sight

In natural outdoor habitat, the Black Moor doesn’t do so great feeding because of it’s poor eye-sight. It is tough to find food when you can’t see that great. Just another reason why these fish thrive in aquarium habitats where the food can be handed right in front of them by their generous owners. They are sometimes kept as pond fish but do best in aquariums.

10. Long Term

This one is easy. When you sign up to own a pet, you need to stay in it long term. After 3 years of owning your goldfish, things will get boring and it will loose its touch. I can understand that but don’t make the fish suffer with you not properly caring for it. Either change things up to bring the spunk back into the hobby for you or just plain give it away to a younger child. Kids love getting new pets like that. That is the better route than lacking to give the fish proper care and having it die.

More In Depth Info:

Goldfish are one of the most popular pet fish to own. The most unique of all goldfish species is known as the Blackmoor goldfish. What makes it so different from the other species is it’s drastic physical appearance. This image from PetSmart speaks louder than words to describe the Blackmoor species of goldfish.


Telescope Eyes on Body

The eyes of this fish are what make the appearance of the fish stand out so much. The round protruding style of them make this fish look as if its body is formed around the eyes. What most beginners don’t know is that these large eyes actually have horrible eyesight. Doesn’t make much sense ehh?

Black Velvet Coloration

The Blackmoor doesn’t come in any other colors besides the dark black. The name actually derives from the cosmetic color of this fish of you could ever expect that (sarcasm).

Some wonder if breeders will be able to manipulate that black color to create a spectacular white or orange body style. Sick Blackmoors will hold a white tint to their velvet black.

Bad Vision & Eyesight

Most think that because this species has such large telescope eyes that it has great vision. Horrible vision is a good way to describe their eyesight. Such bad vision makes this goldfish species almost impossible to survive in the wild on its own. Slow movement to their found food and running into objects doesn’t make for an agile creature. A goldfish will learn and remember its tank surroundings but as far as vision is concerned.. Very poor quality. Another reason faster tank mates are a bad idea. They eat and find all the food before the Blackmoor.

Slow Swim Speeds

Fact of the matter is that the Blackmoor is a slow swimming fish. If you house faster swimming fish with slower swimming fish, there is going to be a food consumption difference. The slower swimming fish is always going to get less food just because it is unable to get to the food fast enough. This can cause for a starving fish. Caution needs to be take.

Food and Nutrition

The common misconception is that goldfish only eat flake food. A fish is never going to receive all the nutrients it needs from one food. Change things up a bit once and a while and feed your goldfish something different. There are endless types of flake food for goldfish.

Switch brands, switch flake sizes.. You can also cut up small pieces of fruits and vegetables for your goldfish. The Blackmoor has better luck with floating food at times because of its swimming tendencies. You will notice a Blackmoor wiggles more than other goldfish as far as swimming.

Cost of a BlackMoor?

For such a beautiful fish with delicate appearances, the Blackmoor is actually quite cheap. On average, $5 to $20 is what you can buy one for. They are not tough to find. More than likely, all pet stores in your city will have them. They are super popular with a high demand. This fancy goldfish will not break your wallet sort of say.

The Goldfish Killer

Did you know that goldfish hold the highest death rate upon all species of freshwater fish? Some argue that’s because it is also the most popular.. but at the end of the day, people don’t take proper care of their goldfish. Water Clarity is the ultimate killer for goldfish. They are most usually put into tiny fish bowls and expected to live for years with no maintenance. Using a sponge filter powered by a good air pump can also add great beneficial bacteria to your tank. This topic is tough to stress to people without preaching so we will keep it short and to the point. Oversized aquarium filters and regular water cleansing will double the life of your goldfish. That’s an estimation of course but your fish will live a much happier life in clean water.

Tank Mates & Roommates

The Blackmoor cannot be housed with just any other fish. Not because they are aggressive towards others but because they swim a lot slower than other fish. Blackmoors are actually some of the most friendly fish in the world. I would advise keeping them with other Blackmoor species. The swim speeds work out great. Other slower goldfish in the fancy species will work as well. If you house fish that swim at different speeds that eat the same food, just separately try to make sure each of them consumes a valuable amount of food come feeding time.

Where to Buy a Blackmoor?

This species of fish is super popular for the beginner aquarist. I saw a poll not to long ago and it was voted the most “desirable” beginner fish. I think that’s awesome in a way and not so awesome in other ways. For one, beginners usually kill fish because they are beginners and have no idea what they are doing. Secondly, they are most likely being put into fish bowls because beginners are not educated to know that these fish should be in descent size tanks.

Relation to Koi Fish

Fun fact of the day. Goldfish are a close cousins to Koi species of fish. This is a bit scientific for us but.. the goldfish and koi fish can mate together but the eggs are known as “sterile.” Somewhat of a head scratcher to end our list. Koi fish can also make for great aquarium fish too. They do grow a bit larger but are very comparable to goldfish.

Goldfish Food

The species of goldfish are very big eaters and they love eating 24-7. The most common food they are fed in aquariums is flake food. It gives a descent number of vitamins but they do lack other nutrients while only being fed flake food. Goldfish love eating all categories of the food chain. In natural habitat, they will eat everything from insects to algae. For your aquarium goldfish, you should get into a rhythm of feeding them other things besides flake food. Vegetables and fruits are great additions to their diets. It brings fiber to their diet which is needed due to their common issue dealing with constipation.

It’s important when finding tank mates for your fish that you don’t choose a fish that is too fast. If the other roommate swims too fast.. that means it will eat all the food before the slower blackmoor can get any. Different species and types like the faster Comet species or Shubunkin are not good roommates. But you can read on that in our “tank mates” section.