About Us

This goldfish guide is a part of a large aquatic network that is devoted to bringing pet care to pet owners. We strive at educating pet owner so they can properly care for their pet. In this case, the animal is the Blackmoor goldfish. We have only goal and that is to educate people on this species of fish. Goldfish are one of the most killed aquarium fish due to improper care.

We host care tips that drive to to the point and a bit of advertising to cover web hosting costs. If you desire to add to this guide on the wait list Blackmoor or just goldfish in general, feel free to visit our contact page and send over any information you want. We are always open to questions or any articles or references.

We try to list every question that gets sent to us. That way others an learn from what our visitors have to say. The saying goes “if one person has the question… Others out there have it. On the sidebar here we have included a frequently asked list of questions that has been sent to us at some point. Feel free to visit those questions that have been answered by our community of members.

Because this is an informative help guide, we do not sell advertising. We get a lot if requests but find it to be a waste of time because most of the guides people want us to link to are garbage. If you have a great resource that you feel would it could be beneficial to us, you can feel free to send it on over.