Best Water Conditions for Blackmoors?

Question: I just got my goldfish and have no idea about the water they can live in. Maybe I’m being stupid here but I’m worried about it. Can someone walk me through how I should care for the water in my goldfish tank. I have a 10 gallon aquarium with a comet goldfish that seems very happy. I care about my fish as want him to live healthy. Please and thank you to those that help.

*Knowledge Answer
Post from Tracy Giuze:
Goldfish are very hardy fish when it comes to water parameters but you do have to watch out for water from your city faucet. What you need to do prior to adding it to your fish tank is ADD CONDITIONER. Your pet store is going to carry a water conditioner and they are all pretty much the same. I buy a big bottle at Walmart for $5 but lots of places sell it.

Before putting the new water in your fish tank, you want to use the water conditioner. By the way, the conditioner makes it so the harmful chemicals in city water used to fight bacteria don’t also fish and kill your fish (mostly chlorine). On the back of the bottle, it will say how much of a an amount to add to your water. For instance, “add 2 drops per gallon” it will tell you. Follow the instructions and give the conditioner a little bit if time to settle in the water to directly dump in with the fish. Some people do it right away but I like to e extra safe.

Cleaning Your Tank

Beginner fish keepers fail to realize the fact of “water changes.” This is the art of removing old water from your tank and replacing it with new fresh water. Even though your tank has a filter… new water is needed because the filter can only do so much. Only remove 40% of the water in your tank at once maximum. The fish are used to the water in your tank and removing it is harmful on their organs.

On your 10 gallon tank, I would advise a 40% water change every couple of days. That small of a tank is harder to keep clean so you need more water changes. Most fish keepers fail with small 10 gallon tanks because they are hard to keep clean cause they are so small. Hopefully you can keep up with them so your fish stays healthy.

Other than that, it’s actually pretty simple for goldfish. They are messy creatures as far as keeping as pets. Maybe look into getting a larger tank and get him a friend “koi” that are closely related to the goldfish. Another species closely related are the carp species.

Wow.. and I feel like a geek now. Hopefully that helps you some when trying to get your goldfish nice clean water for him to run around in. I have had lots of fun with pet goldfish and love the fancy breeds especially.