Why Did My Goldfish Die?

Topic: I have had my goldfish for around five months now and I came back from a vacation trip and he died. I knew that I was taking proper care of him and feeding him on a daily basis so I know that he got enough food. He was in a 5 gallon aquarium and he seemed very happy so I don’t know what happened. Can somebody help me get some closure here on what may have happened.

Posted by Mike W.
The most common reason why goldfish die or what leads to their death is water quality. Even though your goldfish might seem happy in a small 5 gallon aquarium the water clarity just is not to the volume it should be. The minimum tank size for a common goldfish is 20-30 gallons. The more water volume you have in a confined space, the cleaner the water is. Simple math will prove that. What is more concentrated, 1 cup of sugar in 1 gallon of water or 1 cup of sugar in 30 gallons of water. You can compare fish waste of feces in the same comparison.

Posted by Rachel B.
Yeah most goldfish die because of high ammonia levels in the water. High ammonia levels starve water of oxygen in which your fish need to breath. And just like he said, the smaller the fish tank the harder it is to keep the water clean. Go out and get a new goldfish and a larger tank. Buy a 20 gallon tank and get a good powerful filter and you will have a much happier fish. Having your fish die is a sad thing but if you learn from it at least your part of the smart aquarist community. We all learned those lessons at the beginning of our journeys too

Posted by Derek L.
Goldfish usually do not die from starvation but instead it is usually water clarity like they said. Having clean water is kind of involving education on how everything works and if you have live plants and stuff in your tank it really helps. I came to find out that later after my fish have died that live plants and aquariums create natural http://ga.water.usgs.gov.

Posted by Sarah V.
I’m sad to hear about your loss but be glad it’s only a goldfish and out of $200 marine fish from saltwater. Not that any fish is better than the other but sometimes it’s best to get goldfish out of your system because when you move up as experienced aquarist you can at least get cooler fish that mean more to you. To give you some advice I would go out and buy a bigger tank and get some live plants and a nice filter and you’re going to be perfect for your next setup. You might as well just throw that 5 gallon tank away because there’s no use for it except for maybe Brine shrimp.

Posted by Nathan K.
Don’t feel too bad my sister is younger and her Ryukin goldfish keep dying my parents have to replace them and tell her that the fish is changing because they cannot find the same cosmetic fish.