Facts Worth Knowing:

Most people think to just put their goldfish inside of a small fish bowl. What they don’t know is that as soon as the fish starts laying feces, the water starts to rise with ammonia levels. With this fish being such a big time eater, it only makes sense that the food needs to exit the body eventually. Somewhat of a dirty topic but very important to know.

2. Proper Nutrition with Foods

The common goldfish owner is going to assume that feeding their fish the same fish flakes is going to fine for its entire lifetime. This is wrong. Would you be fine eating the same thing every single day for the rest of your life?Goldfish that have problems with constipation and such need a well rounded diet. Fiber is a very common lacking nutrient that goldfish don’t get enough of when only fed flake foods. Feed your goldfish cut up pieces of vegetables and fruits for more fiber in their diet. You will find they absolutely love this and appreciate the well rounded diet.

3. Environment to Grow is Needed

What do you most commonly see goldfish in? A darn tiny fishbowl is what you see. How the heck can a fish grow when you put inside of a tiny fishbowl. Dot mean to get personal here but this one bugs me.I would rather see the fish die peacefully then sit in a tiny bowl for 4 miserable years. Compare a human to the same perspective. Could you personally live an a small bedroom for your entire life? I didn’t think so.

4. Related to “Carp” Species

If you think of the characteristics of a carp species, they are almost identical to the goldfish. That makes sense because they are actually distant cousins in the fish species gene pool.In the sportsman world of fishing, carp fish are thought of as a “garbage” fish. They are more or less hated by fisherman because they lurk the bottoms eating anything in their path. That “anything” usually includes fish eggs of any other fish. So carp fish realistically kill thousands and thousands of other fish before they are born. In some areas, it is illegal to NOT kill carp fish when caught by fisherman.

5. Adaptable Water Temps

A lot of the goldfish organs and operating system runs around what temperature of water it is living in. It can live in a spectrum from 40 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The colder the water, the slower the fish’s organs work. Digestion and everything behind it all slow down. They would rather live in warmer waters but can survive on low temps as well.When these fish are living in very cold temperatures, their bodies actually almost shut down and need little to no food. Fish are cold blooded and will make changes to their living environment under most circumstances.

6. Goldfish are Omnivores

These guys will basically eat anything they can get their mouths on. Insects, lettuce, worms, and all of the above. In natural habitat outdoors, they get a much more variety of food then behind glass of an aquarium.They are commonly fed fish flakes every day of their life due to lack of knowledge by their owners. Another great reason to give you props for reading this! I personally would take foods from our regular dinners and feed them to my goldfish. Rounded nutrition makes for a happier healthy fish that lives a long life.

7. Life Expectancy of 5 to 12 Years

We have all heard the saying “my goldfish died.” The average goldfish dies under one year old because of poor maintenance by their owners. Fish bowls don’t get cleaned enough. Flake food is the only food most aquarium goldfish see in the real world of humans.What I’m getting at here is.. goldfish die because people don’t know how to take proper care of them more or less. They are super messy so water changes need to occur steadily. Enough tank or bowl volume is needed for the fish to be happy. Then lastly, the fish needs a rounded food curriculum for proper nutrition.

8. Lonely by Themselves

Everyone gets lonely by themselves and so do goldfish. This has to be taken with a grain of salt though because to be able to house two goldfish in one tank.. you need to have the room and space in water volume for it. There are equations that help to figure out the size of fish versus how many you can put in water amounts. It is roughly 1 inch of fish PER 1 gallon of water. Most people find that their fish bowls are not satisfactory to this equation.I would say it should be 20 gallons minimum. Another huge misconception by most. Remember, all these misconceptions just add to the already high death rate of these fish. Learn from what you read and actually take part in it.

9. Feeding Competition

Speed and agility come into play when it comes to feeding for this species. Some breeds of goldfish are just unfortunate due to poor vision and large size. At the end of the day though, the faster fish will get the bite. Watching a school of goldfish will let you know exactly how competitive they become for their food.Fact is, these fish will eat almost everything you give them and there is always going to be wars between the fish to eat. Even though they seem super hungry at all times when feeding, it is more or less competition and not hunger all the time. So don’t worry if you think they are actually starving because of this.

10. Small Fish Bowls

I had to throw this in as number 10.. Just because the goldfish is so misunderstood. When your looking to buy your kid a 89 cent goldfish, buy a larger fish tank over a bowl. The 5 gallon aquariums are so much easier to handle and do anything with. The smaller the tank, the less room for oxygen there is once it starts living in it.

Every aquarium enthusiast is bothered by misinformed pet owners treating their pets in the wrong manner. To properly care for your goldfish you will have to have a medium sized container and some ambition to change its water on a routine schedule. These are awesome creatures.