Feed Goldfish other than Flake Food?

The most common food that is fed to aquarium goldfish is flake fish food. The reason being, it is so easy to feed them this every day and usually the “expert” at the pet store just advises to feed them only this food.

What people don’t understand is that they are not getting proper nutritional value from this. A fish needs a well rounded diet and some changes as far as food is concerned.

tank of goldfishThe saying “too much of anything isn’t good” you should apply to your goldfish’s food. Were not going to make this rocket science for anyone. We know that goldfish are super common and put in tiny fish bowls everyday and there is nothing we can do to change that other than educate. All we advice is that you step outside of the majority and feed your fish a bit of something different once and a while.

Fruits and Vegetable

Goldfish love small bits of fruits and vegetables. They will gobble this stuff up like they have never eaten in their life! Main reason being, they ALWAYS EAT FLAKE FOOD.

Change is great for your fish and it will help it to be happier and life a happier life with some changes happening around it. You need to make sure to cut up the food small enough for the fish to eat though. Also another big thing is to remove the chunks that the fish were unable to devour. The fish will most likely eat everything though. They are bottom dwellers and will look for food constantly remember.


Reply from David Z.
It seems that people are commonly miss treating goldfish and it should be taken action upon. It is one of the most commonly mistreated fish and probably the highest death rate of all aquarium fish. I know that there are huge organizations out there trying to change things but I doubt it will happen because they are so commonly placed everywhere in society.

Reply from Sarah B.
Yeah I have a lot of friends constantly calling me telling me that they can’t keep goldfish alive in their fishbowl and I keep telling them that they’re not taking proper care of them. I think that most people can take the initiative to find food for it and stuff but it is changing the water in the tank size that actually kills the fish.

Reply from Vicky M.
I always feed my goldfish some vegetables after we beat them for dinner if there’s any other leftover. I can say that I know that they love green beans because we have them for dinner a lot and there’s always some small chunks that I throw in my goldfish tank in a devour them. I can also say that once in a great while I will buy small insects from the pet store and throw them in there and they also love those. Return just have to think outside the box a little bit and understand what they eat a natural habitat.

Reply from Bob A.
Yeah once in a great while when I find a spider in my house or something else wrote in my goldfish tank and they just eat that up like it’s a rarity. It’s just going to give your goldfish some proper nutrition because everybody mistreats the fish and just treated like a junk fish.

Reply from Anonymous:
I definitely think goldfish are mistreated, and i feel so bad, because why is thier lives worth less than ours. The information on this website has been and will be helpful. I had no idea before that you could feed them fresh fruits and veggies. The fish at the walmart fish tanks look so sad. There is always tons of dead fish including betas too. Thanks!

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