Goldfish Treats and Food?

Topic: What other things can I feed my goldfish besides just fish flakes? Do they eat worms or anything in specific that they might really enjoy? It seems like my goldfish might be getting sick of the food I have been feeding him for the past two years of his life. What are some things I can feed him? I’m looking for some household treats that I might be able to grab at the grocery store or along those lines. Thanks in advance!

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Posted by Zack R.
In the natural wild goldfish eat just about anything so really whatever you can get your hands on that edible goldfish will probably eat. But I do sometimes is cut up some fruits and vegetables into little pieces of that goldfish can nibble them down easily. This helps give the goldfish some extra fiber and it’s diet because constipation is a very common issue with goldfish.

Posted by Kevin L.
You can also give them in insects and worms. During the summer months here in Minnesota I go outside and fetch some easy insects that are easy to catch and I feed them to my goldfish. He absolutely loves the insects and you can find worms at night in the ground they are also commonly known as earthworms. We don’t have black worms around here in Minnesota I don’t think or I would feed them some of those worms.

Posted by Freddy U.
Sometimes I do is go to my local bakeshop and just buy a little container of real worms that I know he will love. Goldfish absolutely love real worms and you should try giving them some. You will have the happiest goldfish on your hands you’ve ever seen before.

Reply from Author
Thanks for all the great ideas guys! I’m going to use all of these. I had no idea that they love worms and insects so much. If I would’ve known that earlier I would’ve just gone outside and killed a bunch because I don’t like them anyways. I guess that’s why it helps to ask for others help sometimes from educated people that have already done what I am doing now. Thanks for all the great help guys.