How Often to Feed Goldfish?

Topic: I just got a goldfish for a gift and I new to know how many times a day I should feed my goldfish. It seems like he will eat anything I give him and if he is that hungry I feel bad.. so I keep feeding him. I need a little direction from some experts in this topic of food and feeding. Thank you I’m advance.

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Posted by Chris W.
Feed the goldfish a couple of times a day but feed them a little bit so that they finish the amount within 2-5 minutes. Some people think to pile food in there and just walk away. But little do they know that some of that food dissolves before the fish can even consume it. When that uneaten food dissolves into the water it creates ammonia which deprives your fish of oxygen. I would advise to not over feed. It is one of the most common goldfish killers.

Posted by Cheryl N.
A couple small Feedings a day will be the best. Like Chris said, if you over feed them and the fish don’t eat all the food… that’s a aquarium nightmare because all bad things start by over feeding your fish. The goldfish is known to consume whatever you put in front of the fish so I wouldn’t worry about him eating anything you give him. That is very common.

Posted by Jake R.
Goldfish will also create competition of feeding so they always feed thinking there is others near. Almost comparable to most dogs. If you feed a dog a hot dog.. they will eat it in one bite usually. Thinking there are others near and might miss out on some more food coming its way. Somewhat of a poor comparison but hopefully it helps to understand your fish a bit more.

Posted by Tressa U.
If you have other goldfish with yours they will fight over the food. The Blackmoor is the slowest and if you have other fast goldfish with him they will eat all the food before him. Swimming speed can have a lot to do with feeing when it comes to goldfish because their speeds differ so much.

Posted by Ricky A.
People talk about their speeds so much but I have all different types of goldfish together and they all seem to get their share when feeding times come. I would just watch to see if the slower ones are getting their needed proportions. Sometimes I’ll sneak a pinch of food right in front of their face and they gobble a bunch down. This forces the others not to steal it because it is right in front of their face.

Reply from Chris W.
I agree with Ricky. Just keep an eye on each fish like every fish owner should do all the time and make sure they are each all healthy in their own individual ways. Goldfish are easy to care for. Keeping up with clean water is the hardest in my opinion. A huge filter has always brought me less water changes when it comes to these messy creatures.