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Our network takes great pride in protecting our visitors from any type of negative effect towards the visitor. If you want a copy of our physical privacy policy document you can feel free to contact us regarding “physical privacy policy document stated as the title.

If you feel the need that you need to obtain a copy of our policy of terms you can contact me at all be happy to send you one. We are very open with this type of thing and I just urge for safety of our visitors and that is pretty much it.

As far as saving passwords are storing cookies we do not do any of that just because it is involved with a lot of risk to the visitor. All we host here is a platform in which people can visit our website and learn from our information that we have posted here. We do not have any sign ends all registrations for new visitors and that makes it for a very safe resource to visit.

We do have some analytical data that is stored in log so that we can look at that and help better our website for the visitors. We look at different factors like how much time people are spending on our pages and if people are linking to them and lots of other important factors. It’s actually very helpful or look at this and better your site as a great resource guide.

We look at our website as a guide that elementary kids should be able to go to and visit in school and list as a great resource that’s how we believe it should be.