Tank Mates with Blackmoor?

Topic: I have a baby Blackmoor in a 10 gallon aquarium. I’m looking for a friend for him to live with. What tank mates can my fish live with? Can someone help with fish compatibility? Need some help on finding roommate for my Blackmoor? I don’t want him lonely.

*Awarded Answer
Posted by Jessica P: You need to be careful when choosing to keep other fish with your black moor because they are a lot slower swimmers than other goldfish. If you keep some of the faster swimming species like the comet goldfish or a koi fish they will EAT ALL THE FOOD. That will leave no food for your slow fish. Choose a fish that will share the same swimming traits as your blackmoor. Other fancy goldfish work great. There are lots of different species so just take a look at how fast they swim and relate it to your fish.

As far as keeping tropical fish with your goldfish… it’s a NO. Tropical fish need to be kept in heated water around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. That high of a temperature will screw up a goldfish because they are coldwater fish. A goldfish will be fine in those temps for a little bit but then they need that cool down (like what would happen with nightfall and season changes).

Don’t loose hope though because there are tons of options when it comes to tank mates. You have the whole variety of other fancy goldfish! Goldfish keep very well with other goldfish. I would advise just keeping goldfish with other goldfish. You could maybe keep a koi fish with them.. but they are pretty fast swimmers. Maybe a fancy koi fish! Yeah that’s a great idea!

  • What about catfish?? I have seen tons of people keep Pleco catfish with goldfish..?
  • @Reply: Those catfish are known to attach to the side of slow swimming goldfish and start to suck the slime coat off and even start chewing into the side of their body. In my goldfish community those are known as “Goldfish killers” and we see threads all the time where these catfish kill their fish. Yes, a lot of people do it successfully but I don’t do it myself.
  • How about keeping a little pet turtle with my fancy goldfish?
  • @Reply: Turtles love to eat fish.. even if the fish is too big for the turtle to consume.. I’m sure he will grow bigger and could possibly bite the goldfish. I don’t know… it’s really up to you as far as how far you wan’t to push your limits.

Reply from Tony F.
Your especially not going to be able to have two fish in a 10 gallon for sure. I would start looking around for a 20 gallon at bare minimum. For two full size goldfish, a 30 gal aquarium is the safe route to go. But as far as a tank mate or friend.. I would throw a bottom feeder in there to help eat some of the algae with another type of goldfish or koi. They are closely related though the Koi fish is a faster swimmer so you would have to make sure the Blackmoor was getting enough food even with him being slower.

Reply from Vicky B.
Take the advice on a larger tank because it is true. That next step up is pretty similar in size to the 10 gallon anyhow. It will be fine for the baby Blackmoor but once he grows more… Get another fish that swims slow in the goldfish family. I’m trying to think of that other fish that has a plump belly and is very round. I want to say its the Ryukin species but maybe I’m wrong.

Reply from Chiuson N.
If you want them to be perfectly equal in everything just get another Blackmoor. Once and a great while if you visit different pet stores in big cities you will come across one with a bit of a color difference. All black but has a small patch of discoloration. I like that because then you can tell them apart haha. They truly are great fish. Feed them live worms once and a great while.

Reply from Vicky B.
Yes they do love real worms! If you only feed them flake food that isn’t enough balanced diet. Also try out vegetation too because they low eating the greens too.

Reply from Donny J.
Most people don’t know how messy goldfish are until they own one too so expect that. A big filter will do you great results. If you get a 20 gallon tank buy a filter regulated for 40 gallons. It cleans twice as much as the water and goldfish don’t mind current at all. It will save you tons of work in the long haul of doing water changes and such. Don’t forget water conditioner either. Not sure where you live but its always a safe a idea to just use it anyways. It’s easy to put drops in your water but hard to loose a fish to such a small mistake.