Type of Filter & Size for Goldfish?

Topic: I have been thinking about getting a filter for my 10 gallon goldfish setup. I have just been changing 20 percent of the water every other day but a filter would help me not to do that right. I don’t know anything about filters so I need some help on this one. What style and size should I get for a 10 gallon setup?

Posted by Kevin M.
I would personally just go get a mechanical filter from Walmart because they are going to be pretty cheap. Get one of the styles that hangs over the side of your aquarium and runs constantly. The filter will clean your water on a daily basis and run 24 hours a day and seven days a week. This will for sure cut down on the amount of water changes you have to do on your aquarium and that’s why most of us use them.

goldfish-tank-filter-300x250Posted by Leroy G.
As far as the size of filter I would get around the 30 gallon aquarium filter that way it will be a lot faster and cleaning most of the water. A 30 gallon aquarium filter is going to recycle your 10 gallon aquarium three times every hour which is a really good rate. The more times your aquarium filter cycles the entire amount of water in the tank the better. People commonly will buy the wrong size filter and get the same size as the aquarium size they have. This means that the filter only cycles one time per hour which is not enough.

Posted by Pete N.
Goldfish are super messy fish and I would say the bigger filter you get the better. I’m surprised that you have been lasting this long without a filter because usually they are required with a goldfish because of how messy they are with waste. I had a goldfish for around 10 years and it was a lot of maintenance and I will probably never buy one again. Even though I love the fish itself they are just so hard to take care of for them to be healthy.

Posted by Dena V.
I wouldn’t say that there that difficult to take care of because I have had other fish and set ups that were more difficult. Especially if you only have one goldfish it is a lot easier to care for and having like three or four of them of course. And I must say that a 10 gallon aquarium is a decent size for these fish but it is actually considered a little small for an adult goldfish.

Posted by Jason B.
I was actually just going to mention that bad I think the tank is a little small and if you get a little bigger of tank you will have to do less cleaning as far as water volume. The more water you have for the fish and ways to get into the last cleanup and the more cleanly your water will be in the long run. So if you get a filter you could even just upsize your aquarium to a 20 or 30 gallon and you will have the perfect scenario.

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  1. Haseeb

    Filters normally clean the fish tank like the fishes waste but after you need fresh water so change the water but the filter will do most of the cleaning up.

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