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  • No goldfish will do well in a 10 gallon aquarium. It sucks but it is the bitter truth. The bare minimum I would advise a goldfish to live in would be a 20 gallon tank and that would even be small and that is only for one goldfish ONLY. A lot of beginners don’t know this but goldfish are very messy and hard to keep the water clean. Maybe look at a 30 gallon “high” series and you will do great. I advise you to buy one used on craigslist. Buying new tanks from pet stores is super expensive. For a 30 gallon tank.. I would say $30 dollars would be a good buy. Or else Petco Pet stores run a special all the time for $1 per gallon on fish aquariums! Also a great deal and can’t beat that.
  • I bought a black moor today for my 20 gallon tank. I have a 50 gallon filter with a carbon and zeolite media with a 20 gallon airpump. My black moor is constantly going to the top like he needs air… What’s goin on?
  • I had a 5 gallon tank as a child and had 3-5 gold fish in it most of the time, all of which lived for about 6 years. I had sucker fish, snails and a shark or two, and once I had two little cat fish. Everyone grew well, ate well, and lived long. They just got attempted cat injuries on a daily basis.
  • Well black moors are good. But you might want to sell your 10 gallon Jamie. No goldfish is available for ten gallons so I would suggest African dwarf frogs instead. Sorry but you have to get a 20 gallon or 30 gallon to get goldfish.
  • Well black moors are good. But you might want to sell your 10 gallon Jamie. No goldfish is available for ten gallons so I would suggest African dwarf frogs instead. Sorry but you have to get a 20 gallon or 30 gallon to get goldfish.
  • Be sure that the stand you have chosen is rated for the size of your aquarium, and
    that every gallon of water weighs eight pounds. Check them out and have fun with a new exciting hobby.
    An ordinary tank, its matching hoodlight, some sand,
    and an upgraded filter will get you going.
  • Hi there! I just found this site. I have a black moor and he is going on 2 years of having him. He started out about an inch long, a little one and is now about the size of my hand :-). you can call us crazy because talk to him like we do our cat and dog LOL! However, I’m worried about him, one of his eyes has recently blew up in size, like its about to burst. I can tell he is uncomfortable and having a hard time swimming with it. He’s floating to the top a lot and splashes at the top to try to get back down. Its like his eye is filled with air and floating him up. Any suggestions what might have caused this and what to do?
  • I read your article and found it very informative. Thank You! I was sad to read about the tank size though. I have a small tank about a gallon and a half. I clean it regularly and love having only one fish. I started with a female Beta which died but lived over 18 months. Then I had a Male but he didn’t last long. I think he got shocked after my last cleaning. I just bought a small black moor. Cleo’s been doing well considering I noticed it had a fungus after it was only home for one day. I’m treating it with some medicine and it looks like its getting better. The one spot is going away. After reading your article. I think I’ll go out and try to find a proper tank. I would love to see Cleo live ten years.

    Thanks Again


  • I agree 200% that a 10 gallon is waaaaaay too small for a goldfish of any variety. I had a lovely Oranda and a Blackmoor that started off at about 1.5 inches in a 10 gallon, and within a year and an half were 6 inches long- each! Needless to say they got upgraded to a 20, then a 30-gallon tank as they grew. Even in the 30 gallon they were a bit cramped.

    I did about a 25% water change and gravel vacuuming every week, and had two filters going, with added “ammo chips” (in an old nylon stocking footie! lol) to help handle the high levels of ammonia. It really helped.

    And be very careful what decorative ornaments you use with a moor- I had a japanese castle thingy in mine, and the doofus fish tried to swim through it, and got her head stuck in it. Bashed up her face and her eyes badly. :( I treated her with Melafix and they healed fine. I used only plants after that.

  • I have a 150 gallon tank and i only have 1 Black Moor in my tank. I am looking for another fish to put in there so it is not so lonely but my fish is missing 1 eye and blind in its other. If i buy another Black Moor to keep it company do i have to worry about the new one bullying and trying to eat my disabled fish like Tyras fish?
  • I have an extra large Black Moor.
    Had him in a 6 foot tank with 8 other large fantails. The Black Moor wants to hide all the time, is listless on the bottom and has now resorted to floating upside down.
    He is fine to look at, no fin damage, white spot, ick or others that I can see.
    I have now put him into my clean hospital tank with fresh water, two air stones, no gravel, plant or rocks. Aquarium salt has been added and started a treatment of Pimafix.
    Also gave him some shelled peas if he may be suffering with swim bladder.
    What have I missed?
    Not sure what to do, please help.
    PS He is about 6 months to 1 year old.
  • I have a 20 gallon tank. I bought a black moor, 2 mollies and 2 Plecostomus’. The mollies were picking on my black moor so I moved them to a bigger tank. My black moor started sitting on the bottom so I bought another black moor. One of my Plecostomus died this morning and now my new black moor is just sitting in a corner. It won’t swim, unless I feed them but then it goes back to the same spot and just sits. What’s going on? And is there anything I can do so she won’t die?
  • I bought 2 black moor 3 weeks ago. Pet Smart employee told me that black moor can be combined with other gold fish. But my other 2 gold fish (not black moor) died because I saw my goldfish being bit by black moor.. their scale and fins were eaten by black moor. So sad…I went out for 4 days leaving my 7 fishes behind, putting a fish tablet (glucose) in aquarium… when I returned, I could find only 6…
    I thought where is the 7th fish? after 3min of searching I found out its skeleton in one corner. This was one of the two angel fish I had, but it was always distant from other fishes.

    I have mixed 2x goldfish, 1x black-moor, 2x surfi, 2x angel.
    Earlier I had 4 more breeds, but they were very restless and bit the current breeds of fish I have, so I returned them.

    so maybe your fish is not missing, its just dead

  • I am planning on switching out my stupid hermit crabs that I bought like four days ago for a black moor and a filter. I’m going to put him in a 5 gallon tank. My friend has had a goldfish live for 8 years (and he’s still going) in a tank smaller than five gallons. These things only grow to the size of their tanks. And I don’t think she has a filter, either, but I’ll still get one.
  • Nooo, don’t put your blackmoor in anything less than a 20gal! They don’t ‘just grow to the size of the tank’, they can grow to up to 8in long, and they need room to swim, for decorations, etc. Plus, goldfish are social, so you should put them with another fancy, in a tank that’s at least 40gal. Putting your goldfish in a too small tank and saying that they only grown to the size of the tank is like keeping a baby in a box for most of it’s life and claiming that it’s healthy because it didn’t completely outgrow the box.
  • I have one bottom feeder, two snails, three Yamato shrimps, one Blackmore, one goldfish and one comet in a 25l tank. Had this set up for two years and all are healthy. Water is filtered with 25% change weekly, fresh plants and all is fine. Nothing dies. It depends how often you clean and look after your tanks. Fish genuinely grow to their surroundings and remember in ponds the conditions are worse than tanks and the fish thrive in them.
  • We have 10 fish in a 60 gallon aquarium with rocks and many plants. Two of the fish a black moores about 1 and a half inches long. The biggest fish in the aquarium is about 3 inches long engulfing the tail. All species are fancy types. I was wondering how many more black moores can o add.
    P.s. My filter is a 100 gallon canister filter
  • I should probably note, a few of you talked about how you’ve kept goldfish in small tanks (20 Gal and Less) and they’ve been “Fine”. The truth is goldfish in small environments don’t grow properly, their growth is stunted. This is only the case for their bones, their organs keep growing, I don’t need to explain why this is bad for them, its self explanatory. Most goldfish are sold at 1-2 inches in size, but they’ll grow to 10+ Inches within their first two years.

    Secondly the less water you have in a tank, the more easily you’ll get water clarity issues, typically being high ammonia levels due to waste (and goldfish are very messy). This causes stress on the fish, and often leads to illnesses due to its weakened state. Common illnesses such as fin rot or body fungus can then be passed onto your other fish. Effective fish treatments contain metals and some minerals which are dangerous to your fishes bodies, often their livers.

    The easiest method to prevent diseases? Keep your water clean and don’t introduce diseases into your tank in the first place. Buy only healthy stocked fish and if you can quarantine them in a separate tank for 4 weeks.

    So my advice? Any Goldfish you get make sure you have large tank, a good filter (external recommended) and change 25% water weekly. Your fish will grow and prosper for many years (10+ easily), and in the long run will be far more cost effective.

  • my shubunkin fish lives in a bowl and lived for 2 years now and my other fish live i small bowls one is still living ad has lived for 4 years so it depends on the size of the fish and the kid cause black moors are oe of the hardest fresh water fish to take care of. my sister has 2 black moors female and male but the female is not swimming properly so i put her in a cotainer ad she is just fine but one qeuestion does anyone know the cure? don’t say there is a medicien cause i treat all my 10 pets with natural stuff and i will not buy medicine i cure my pets naturally
  • I have a black Moore goldfish and he/she (Named Loki) is in a 5.5 gallon tank and doing just fine. Loki is also with a female and a male black Mollie, i also have a male Betta and female Betta (in different tanks of course) im hoping to upgrade to a 10 gallon soon. I want to get more black moore goldfish but when i first got Loki I had gotten another one from wall-mart and a day later the other baby died, Loki is about 5 months old and is the size of a tic tac box. i only have 2 decor plants and a filter and Loki seems very happy. Also let me tell you, Loki can eat alot! (i dont over fed him i promise