Need Water Conditioner for Goldfish?

Topic: How can I tell if I need a water conditioner for my tank water? I’m not sure of of the water coming through our faucet if it has chemicals in it or not. How does a person find out of the water is safe just as a pure form or if it isn’t? Sorry about my rookie level but I’m new at this and trying to learn as I go. Thanks for help in advance.

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Reply from Teresa B.
fish-water-conditionerI had the same question for my water coming out of our house. My father said our house is on a well but its still hard to know if the water is safe enough. I use water conditioner anyways just because its super cheaper but I often wonder if it is not needed. Would be kind of nice to know the water was pure enough for my aquarium.

Reply from Tommy E.
You can buy a test kit and get to know your water parameters. It does take some learning and you will have to teach yourself how to use the kit. I kind of geek out with that sort of thing because I was really interested in knowing our water parameters of drinking for our family too. Some people will just go with a reverse osmosis setup too that really works well. You can’t go wrong with that because that’s the best water for fish.

Reply from David Z.
Here is the math of it. If your water isn’t too harsh with chlorine and you only do 40% water changes, you will be fine. The fish are pretty adaptable and especially goldfish. Koi and goldfish are some of the most hardy fish there are. They advise to use goldfish when starting your nitrogen cycle because they can live in that new water level.

People over dramatize water conditions and depending on where you live will depend on how much chlorine they put in the water. What I personally do is set buckets of water in my garage a couple days in advance and let them sit for 30 hours and the water dechlorination process occurs. It makes it safe for the fish. I don’t have to buy conditioner then.

Reply from Patrick B.
Don’t push your luck with boundaries though because what if your fish just die on you. Was that really be worth the $2 of water conditioner that you could jut added drops to? It’s so simple and easy you might as well do it. Yes, they do claim that these manufacturers rip us off on these products but I really don’t care. I don’t waste hours of my life having my water levels tested and have to continue to check them because they change. Ill just stick to adding drops to my water because its simple as pie and that’s how I like things to be in my life. I’m too old for stressful testing and such.